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The most important destination for religious tourism in Calabria is only 7 km from Hotel Cliché. Saint Francis of Paola is revered here, patron saint of the village, who watches over fishermen, protecting them from the dangers.
Discover the evocative Sanctuary of Saint Francis of Paola, which traces its roots back in the fifteenth century when the hermit experience of Francesco Martolilla, later to become Saint Francis of Paola, born in Paola on March 27 1416 and died in Tours (France) on April 2, 1507, began.
A town by the sea, situated in an enchanting position on the Cosentian Tyrrhenian coast, with the ancient town centre perched on a rocky hill and the modern part that stretches along the coast. Only 20 km of distance from Hotel Cliché, it offers beautiful natural scenery and the sea marked with stacks and cliffs Isca and Coreca.

Town centre rich with peculiar ancient streets, only 15 km from Hotel Cliché. A beautiful Calabrian small town that unites the sea and the mountains, with a town centre situated at 300 m above the sea level and dominated by 1541 m high Monte Cocuzzo, one of the most important peaks of the Calabrian Coastal Chain, known also for its remarkable pine forest. 
Only 10 km from Hotel Cliché, this small town presents its particular town centre, the only one in the area enclosed by walls and considered to be one of the most beautiful town centres in Italy. The town is entered from the Eastern Gate (Porta Orientale) that leads to the centre through narrow streets, noble palaces and ancient churches. The view to the coast will leave you breathless.
Only 20 km from Hotel Cliché, this spa has the quality level 1 (Super) due to its own hyper-thermal, sulphurous and sulphur salt-bromine-iodine water sources, having the potential to reach the highest hydrogen sulphide level in Italy (173 mg/l). Different therapeutic indications can be treated here, including rheumatism, arthritis, ear, nose and throat diseases, skin diseases and gynaecological diseases. 

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